I love teaching piano students of all ages! I find teaching is rewarding when a student is making progress, learning effectively and having fun with music. My teaching style and lesson focus will be unique for each individual person, and I'm very flexible in adapting to each student's needs and personality. My specialty is to discover and make each student find their own technique and sound on piano.

I am a friendly, easy-going and patient teacher, but I do have expectations. My ultimate goal is to help each student cultivate spiritual and physical well-being, along with the ability to recognize and develop personal and musical strengths, and to recognize and address respective weaknesses.

Besides teaching piano lessons, I am also willing to work with other musicians. I have been performing and coaching numerous instrumentalists and singers since high school and am proficient in standard chamber music repertoire and able to play for rehearsals, juries, recitals, competitions, weddings and any type of performances and groups.

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